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Stars:  Al Pacino,  Dyan Cannon, Bob Dishy, Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding, Eric Gurry, Elva Lef

Director:  Arthur Hiller

Producer:  Irwin Winkler

Released:  20th Century Fox 1982

Story:  Playwright Ivan Travalian feels pulled limb from limb with a Broadway play in rehearsal needing rewrites. His wife is leaving him as well, with four children from her previous marriages plus his own son. And his lead actress wants to move in with him but isn't used to kids.     

Limited Edition Soundtrack CD

1. Main Title Theme (2:58)
2. Ivan's Problems (2:06)
3. Kids (:34)
4. Always Leaving (2:02)
5. Out and About (6:11)
6. Making Progress? (3:42)
7. Opening Night (2:01)
8. Good Reviews and Finale (5:05)

also includes score proposal for this film by Johnny Mandel

sheet music for "Comin Home to You"

soundtrack CD

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