The Dave Grusin Archive
Grusin Rosen Story

I don't think we've ever had a serious argument about anything.

--  Dave Grusin

The initials GRP may appear to stand for Grusin Rosen Productions, but in reality they represent a whole world of things - friendship, quality, innovation and artistic freedom.

The pages below tell the story.

   Beginning at the Beginning
   First Grusin-Rosen Production
   Initial Impetus Behind GRP
   Early Grusin-Rosen Productions
   A Partnership with Arista
   The Arista-GRP Years
   GRP Producing Philosophy
   Dawn of Digital Era in Jazz
   Birth of Independent GRP
   GRP and Compact Discs
   Early Growth of GRP
   Kicking Themselves Upstairs
   The GRP Ethos
   Sources of GRP's Success

Headliner Recordings