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Notes on selected TV movie scores by Dave Grusin

For more about his thoughts on this medium, see  "Composing for Television."   

   Deadly Dream
   Death Squad, The
   Dinner With Friends
   Forgotten Man, The
   Howling in the Woods, A
   In The Gloaming
   Prescription Murder
   Scorpio Letters, The
   Trial of Chaplin Jensen, The

   Other TV movie scored by Dave Grusin

Badge and The Cross, The (aka "Sarge")
Family Rico, The
Intruders, The
Roots, Part II
This is America, Charlie Brown

The following are television shows for which Dave Grusin either composed the theme music, scored episodes of the series or both.

For more about his approach to writing music for television, see The Art and Craft of Film Composer Dave Grusin in the FILMS SECTION.

   TV Series' A - F

Assignment Vienna,
Bold Ones, The
Dan August
Farmer's Daughter, The

   TV Series' G - H

Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The
Girl from UNCLE, The
Girl With Something Extra, The
Good Morning World   
Good Times

   TV Series' I - Z

It Takes A Thief
Name of the Game
One Life To Live
St. Elsewhere
Virginian, The
Wild Wild West

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